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You Are Not a Victim of Your Challenges

The Challenges of Self-Employment

One of the conversations that I have privately with people quite often has to do with the rewards and difficulties of working for oneself.

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Why Goal Setting May Hinder Progress

Writing Down Goals

Positive psychology researchers and other researchers have found that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them. So of course I know that setting goals is important.

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Clinical Supervision, Entrepreneurship, Practice Development

Perfectly Imperfect…Therapist/Coach as Human Being

Perfectly Imperfect

We are all made “perfectly imperfect!”

I am not saying this from a religious or spiritual perspective. I know that many will apply that paradigm.

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Clinical Supervision, Entrepreneurship, Professional Development

On Your Own…Where is the Support?

On Your Own

We all go through changes and transitions in life. These changes often involve the intersection between the personal and the professional.

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Personal Development, Professional Development