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Stop Acting Like You Don’t Need the Money

Let’s Talk About Money

For some reason service professionals are often underpaid and undervalued. I think it is because, like many people,

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Entrepreneurship, Practice Development

The Geographical Cure and Accountability Partners!

The Geographical Cure

There are many times in life that we think…

  • if I just leave…
  • if I just take a new job…

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Personal Development, Professional Development

Referral Based Marketing and Ethical Practice

Making Referrals

There is a tendency in service based businesses to attempt to accommodate every client or customer. The truth is…these businesses are not meant to serve everyone.

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Practice Development

Confidence, Courage, Consistency and Cashflow


Lately I’ve had conversations with colleagues who are in various stages of their career, practice or business development. The themes center around some of the common attributes and challenges that are integral to entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneurship, Practice Development