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Stop Running, Stop Fighting, Stop Freezing

What Do You Really Want?

There is something that you want to do, be, have or create. It could be anything but here are some of the most common things people are trying to achieve:

  • a loving lifetime romantic relationship;

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Personal Development

Starting and Growing Your Business

Sometimes it’s Okay to Fall Down…Other Times it is Catastrophic

Today I physically fell down. I tripped over my rolling brief case. I forgot that it was sitting on the floor in the middle of my home office.

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Entrepreneurship Professional Development

Repairing Relationships

What Does it Take to Repair a Fractured Relationship?

  1.  Mutual commitment;
  2.  Acknowledgment of the problems;
  3.  An understanding of each person’s deeply held values;

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Personal Development

So You Want to Write a Blog

Some Things to Consider about Writing a Blog

There are many reasons to write a blog. I think the best reason lies somewhere between the personal and the professional.

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Professional Development Trends in Field