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The Use of LAPC vs APC as it Relates to Associate Counselors in the State of GA

To learn more of my thoughts on this topic and how it relates to private practice, supervision and contractual agreements that impact clients. See the

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Clinical Supervision, Ethics, Video Tips and Reminders

Associate Counselors, Private Practice and Non-Compete Clauses

Sign of the Times I simply could not think of a fancy title…so this is it…the topics at the forefront  for me this week: The

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Clinical Supervision, Ethics, Trends in Field

Who Has a Seat at Your Table?

Seek Counsel from Trusted Parties We all have people we consult with about important matters in our lives. Whether it is a personal or professional

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Personal Development

The Perpetual Graduate Student

Should Your Supervisee Go Back to Graduate School? I have this conversation several times a month with either one of my supervisees or occasionally with

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Clinical Supervision