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GA Senate Bill 319- Diagnosis for Counselors

The Right to Diagnose

Many of my peers and colleagues were surprised to know that Licensed Professional Counselors in Georgia did not have a legal right to diagnose those with mental health disorders in the state of Georgia prior to last year’s battle by the Licensed Professional Counselor’s Association (LPCA-GA) to pass a bill into law allowing Counselors to do just that –

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Ethics Trends in Field

When it Comes to Your Career – Order Off Menu!

Developing Your Career

Your career is important!  Don’t limit your career based on what you think is possible.

Navigating a career in mental health can be challenging.

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Clinical Supervision Professional Development

What Does it Mean to Be Strong?

What Does it Mean to Be “Strong?”

More often than not “strength”  is in part defined by one’s independence. Their ability to rely upon themselves.

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Clinical Supervision Self Care

Therapist’s Self Disclosure

Three Types of Therapist’s Self Disclosure

There are various types of a therapist’s self disclosure.

  1. Some self disclosure is about the therapist’s personal history like family,

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Clinical Supervision Ethics