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Recover Your Investment!

Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Sometimes people and organizations may take you for granted. You’ve been giving and contributing and investing so long that you become a staple of the institution or a staple in a person’s life.

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“Respect is Just a Minimum”

Respect is a Minimum Requirement

It is very difficult to respect someone who allows themselves to be taken advantage of repeatedly. Most importantly it is difficult for someone in those circumstances to respect themselves.

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When it All Falls Apart…What You Need Wants You!

Get Outta Your Comfort Zone!

In January of 2016 I finally moved out of my office space of over 10 years. I’d been wanting to move for several years.

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Personal Development

Writing a Blog…What to Share, When and Why

Writing a Blog

I am not a writing expert. I am just a person who writes regularly. What I do know is that writing that pulls people in can be deeply personal.

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