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Love and Other Ailments

Broken-Heartedness How equipped are therapists to treat broken-heartedness? Most graduate programs don’t teach about love or treating broken-hearted people. There is a course on Human

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Personal Development, Professional Development

Assertiveness and Changing the World

Assertiveness So what does assertiveness have to do with changing the world? Everything as far as I am concerned. Being assertive means that you are

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Personal Development

The Ethical Use of 1013s in Georgia and Client’s Rights

What is a 1013? In my observation there is a fair amount of misunderstanding about what a “1013” is and what it is authorizing mental

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Know Your Worth, Know Who You Are and Listen to Your Body

Know Your Worth It has been a challenging week. I’ve had clients in crisis, colleagues/consultees in crisis, and supervisees in crisis. It is challenging to both be

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