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Learning to Live Without

Today I listened to an NPR podcast that was recommended by a colleague. It is not for those offended by profanity, so please listen at your own risk.

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Professional Development Trends in Field

I Don’t Have All the Answers…No One Does

Some of the Questions People Ask

  • Do you think I can do it?  Translation: “I’m not sure I can do it.”
  • What should I do? 

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Personal Development

How to Become a CPCS or an ACS (Clinical Supervisor Certifications)

Supervision Certification – A Requirement in Georgia

In Georgia, Licensed Professional Counselors who provide supervision need to meet certain qualifications. At the time of this post (May 2017) the requirements are less stringent than they will be on and after October 1,

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Clinical Supervision Professional Development

Becoming a Professional Counselor

Counselors, Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists

I often hear from people considering entering the field of mental health. Generally speaking, the people I hear from are changing professions or they extending their career from a related professional background in education,

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Clinical Supervision Trends in Field