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Talk About Yourself…Your Goals, Skills, Plans and Dreams!

Many people are uncomfortable talking about themselves. They are reluctant or reticent to tell others: who they are, what their goals are; about their gifts;

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Personal Development, Professional Development

TeleHealth Board Rules Do Apply to You – Therapists and Supervisors!

This week’s post is primarily for licensed and associate licensed counselors, social workers and marriage & family therapists in the state of Georgia. So if

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Clinical Supervision, Ethics, Trends in Field

Don’t Wait ’til You’re Ready!

Readiness is overrated!  I’ve always believed in taking big leaps of faith! I’m not saying don’t prepare for anything. But in my experience, when I

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Professional Development

Where Do I Go From Here? (On Transition)

Career transition like any life transition is inevitable. Change is fundamental to life! It can be difficult to release attachments, because we have used them to form

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Personal Development