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Who is in Your Circle? Energy Drainers and the Art of Setting Limits

Vital Energy There are many ways to be depleted of the vital energy necessary for a fulfilling life! The most surefire way to deplete your

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Self Care

How to Respond When Someone is Upset

What Were You Thinking? Our culture is overly focused on thinking. The irony is that the depth of our exploration of our own thoughts and the

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Professional Development

On Taking People Further Than You’ve Gone!

The Gift of Therapy One of my favorite writings is Irvin Yalom’s brief chapter (2 pages) in the book “The Gift of Therapy: An Open

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Personal Development, Professional Development

Be Here! Living with Bouts of Clinical Depression

4 Mental Health Professionals Dead from Suicide In recent months, my local therapist community lost 4 mental health professionals to suicide.  Clearly as professionals in the

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Self Care